When Giving Up Is NOT an Option

I was sitting up in bed thinking about how nice it would be to simply be more productive than I was in that particular moment. I was tired. I was in pain. I was exhausted and overwhelmed...but I couldn't stop the new business ideas from flowing into my brain and running as fast they could … Continue reading When Giving Up Is NOT an Option


Holy Spirit activate…activate…activate!

https://anchor.fm/s/18fdb5ac/podcast/rss Summary If you haven’t figured it out by now, Dr. Shane is a Christian who grew up with the teachings of the Apostolic - Pentecostal Faith. While Pentecost was recently celebrated on June 5th, let's take a moment to dive into what’s the big deal, what happened on the Day of Pentecost, and whether … Continue reading Holy Spirit activate…activate…activate!

The Wild Side of Professional Development

https://anchor.fm/s/18fdb5ac/podcast/rss Summary Ever consider professional development as one of the sexier sides of employee engagement? Yeah...well me neither. Let’s explore how professional development can be viewed a little more like the adventure of a lifetime than the list of training you’d rather forget.  NEW WEBSITE: For more information or to be a guest, feel free … Continue reading The Wild Side of Professional Development

So You’ve Gained Your Confidence. Now What?

https://anchor.fm/s/18fdb5ac/podcast/rss Summary Being able to understand challenges in life is one thing, but is that all there is to it? Life transformation isn’t just about identifying areas of growth, but intentionally raising your threshold of growing pains and attending to self-care along the way. Join Dr. Shané as she shared how she’s built a habit … Continue reading So You’ve Gained Your Confidence. Now What?

Pushing Beyond Our Inner Critic & Imposter Syndrome

https://anchor.fm/s/18fdb5ac/podcast/rss Summary In light of recent April Fools celebrations and pranks, imposter syndrome can be considered key to unlocking low self-esteem and moving boldly into your purpose. Despite the many ways that we all can be hardest on ourselves, Dr. Shané explores the need to get a grip and push forward beyond stinkin’ thinkin’. --- … Continue reading Pushing Beyond Our Inner Critic & Imposter Syndrome

One of Those Black Folks

https://anchor.fm/s/18fdb5ac/podcast/rss Summary It wasn’t until she was advised to consider herself as “the help” when the overwhelming flood of emotions were finally released. Workplace trauma is real. Unfortunately for many Black/African Americans, racial trauma is just one of many ways that diversity and inclusion may be deemed a joke. Join Dr. Shané as she revisits … Continue reading One of Those Black Folks

Trusting the Process Through Purpose

https://anchor.fm/s/18fdb5ac/podcast/rss Summary Forget what you heard - keeping up with the "Jones'" has always been your kryptonite. When you're living by purpose, on purpose, only you and your journey matters. Join Dr. Shané as she explores the necessity for trusting YOUR process by first identifying with your purpose. For more information or to be a … Continue reading Trusting the Process Through Purpose