Coming Out of the Woods

I can’t say that I’ve actually gone hunting ever in my life or even gone camping more than maybe twice in my life, but it’s something about coming out of the woods that seemed perfectly aligned with where I am at this moment.

While I had set out to regularly write in the form of magical trees that would touch each and everyone’s soul once read – I stand corrected! 

When you’re living life and it seems like you know exactly where you’re going, and you have done all of the things you were supposed to do [at least what you were told were the right things to do], you may still find yourself lost. I asked myself, How is it that you can get lost with so much guidance, direction, education, etc.? Where did I go wrong? Even as I’m sitting here writing this, I have absolutely no idea how to go back and pinpoint the exact moment in which I got off course. And you may be saying,  well sis just don’t look back! Well, the problem is how else would I know what tripped me? 

This exact thought is where I began to wonder what it might look like for other beginners who set out on adventures into the woods to fulfill some innate desire to explore and stretch one’s wilderness skills in this thing called life.

But what is it about hindsight that gives you 20/20 vision?

Now that I’m sitting here taking a moment to reflect on all of the crazy things that have happened in the past two years of my life..scratch that… the past 39 years of my life, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the time to sift through all of it to find the gold. From all I can recall throughout my life, life lessons to honor and apply each and every day is where I find peace. This is where I find joy. This…is where healing continues to take place.

Let me caution you, though. For anyone reading this who believes you’re ready to take that walk down memory lane, I must give an official disclaimer that I am in no way trying to persuade you to go back and dig into those deep dark crevices of life on your own. For the diamonds that may be found in that rough, also come with some need for caution and help from a professional. I am reflecting on what I felt was needed in order for me to move forward strategically, purposely, and with my eyes wide open! And yes – I absolutely had a therapist and prescribed medication to help me along the way.

Nevertheless… I’m glad to say that while I feel so much better and grounded, I am still coming out of the woods. There were plenty of traps set before me that I was eventually able to overcome. So, to ensure that I don’t tread too deep into unhealthy territory (negative thought patterns, imposter syndrome, depression, etc.), I will confirm that there is nothing like the space, the air, the freedom, and let’s not forget clarity gained on this side of the clearing.

Here are a few lessons that I learned and what I consider “mile markers” for the journey you may have started, or are getting ready to venture into:

  • When it seems like you’re running out of air, you’re not!
  • If you feel extremely lonely, it’s because you have to be for the road ahead
  • If you do happen to forget to eat, shower, or take care of your basic needs, it’s likely you’ll forget again – build in reinforcements and get an accountability partner until the habit returns
  • People actually do get tired of hearing all that you’re going through – it’s sometimes called compassion fatigue. Adjust your expectations and don’t take it personal
  • Don’t bother tracking how long the journey is and when it will end – it makes it feel longer
  • When you believe in God, there is a strength and peace in letting go when He’ll never let you fall



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